Be the envy of everyone on the beach with this high-end, luxury towel.








100 X 180 CM

'SEA WAVE CUSHION' by Bonnie and Neil & CLO Studios

Christmas in Australia is something pretty unique and this collab celebrates everything we love about it.


Summertime by Bonnie and Neil & CLO Studios

Designed in collaboration with Bonnie and Neil from their Melbourne based studio the Sea Wave Cushion features a wave trim in Yellow/Chocolate and Blush/Chocolate.

The quintessential Australian Christmas, beach days, seashells, fresh prawns, pavlova, and hot summer days spent with those you love most.

In honour of the place we call home, we have teamed up with Bonnie and Neil to bring to life an exclusive range of cushions and table linen.

This product is designed and manufactured in Australia.

Dimensions: 60 x 60cm

Sold with insert

'PEACH FACE PITCHER' by Fasano Ceramiche / CLO Studios

Gift a touch of art and history to the modern entertainer.


Handmade in Puglia, Italy, NICOLA Fasano, artistic coordinator and consultant of the firm since 1970, followed the inspiration of the master Franco Fasano. The method of production has remained what it once was: the clay passes from hand to hand, moving to the first firing in the kiln. The ceramics are then dipped into the glaze, where the "painter" adds the final touch before the second firing.

2 Litres

'THE CLOUD TRAY' by Il Pietra

For our sustainable friends, this versatile piece oozes decadence.


Size: 30cm x 20cm

Dreamy like a cloud, extracted from European quarries and hand crafted in Melbourne. This versatile design has many functional elements. Use it to display an array of homeware staples such as candles or trinkets on a coffee table, serve drinks and canapes or simply a cheese platter. The piece that goes beyond just being a decorative accessory, designed to blend among all spaces in the home.

'ILDHANE CANDLEHOLDER' by Nedre Foss / Pappa Sven

A sultry, sculptural pieces for your sideboard.


We have dreamt of this item for a long time and now it is here in our store.

AND it is even more beautiful than we had expected!

Designed by Norwegian Design Studio, Anderssen & Voll , the ildhane candlestick has an expressive shape that resembles a bird with a handsome tail. ‘Ild’ is Norwegian for fire and ‘hane’ translates to rooster. Ildhane is casted in solid GGG50 iron. The iron is powder coated.

Like all Nedre Foss items the Ildhane Candleholder is designed to last a lifetime and is equally as functional as it is beautiful. We love that!

It looks beautiful the middle of a dining table, on a side board or a mantle piece!


Sure to be a hit with your floral obsessed friend; pop art for your poppies.


FAZEEK’s hand-crafted BALANCE VASE - CLEAR + AMBER pays homage to our favourite architects from home and abroad.

These modernist inspired vessels will compliment your pick of sweet, herbaceous, or spiced scented flowers or succulents.

These playful cylindrical vases feature an internal sphere with two hand cut holes ready to be filled with freshly picked flowers and foliage, or to grace any space as a decorative sculptural piece.

'MYKONOS MUSE BOOK' by Assouline

The gift of the season for those who love to splurge.


Located in the Cyclades and surrounded by the blue-green water of the Aegean sits whitewashed, windmill-strewn Mykonos, the island of the winds. This ancient island and those surrounding it, mythologized as the bodies of gods felled by Hercules in the time of antiquity, are older than legend and have played host to countless cultures for more than millennia. At forty-square-miles and boasting a population of only ten-thousand, the ‘Ibiza of Greece’ has become prized for gorgeous architecture, welcoming and open-minded locals, and fantastic beaches. With such names as ‘Paradise’ and ‘Super Paradise,’ the sands of these shores have captured the imaginations and hearts of industry titans, artists, and party-goers alike from all around the globe, marking it as a stable cosmopolitan destination and as a paramount it haven on the jet-set circuit.

This book chronicles the culture and society that has defined Mykonos over the past century—from its days as a hideout for such luminaries and elites as Le Corbusier and Antonis Benakis, to its moment as a sanctuary for the gay community,to its predominant party scene—all the while indulging the reader with the ruins and myths hidden there.

'VANITY TUMBLER - CAPRI' by Marloe Marloe

An understated gift for the designer in your life, a study in form and function.


The everyday form, the VANITY TUMBLER was designed to elevate the mundane everyday tasks with its ease and simplicity. The VANITY TUMBLER is our essential form, add it to your bathroom, kitchen or desk for understated minimalism. The Tumbler is 9cm tall and 9cm in depth.

Our Capri glaze is representative of the soft fluidity and movement of water. A reactive glaze composition that crawls and pools together during the firing process, then hardening in place as the kiln temperature cools. The reactive nature of this glaze creates unique patterns that are individual to each form, no two pieces are the same. It was our intention to add freshness and refinement into your space through play with pattern.

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